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April 2024

  • Wilson 亞美尼亞UWC 畢業年度2025

    Published 29/04/24, by Web Editor


    文中探討Wilson自己對於UWC Dilijan校園活動的介紹與自己在平衡睡眠、課業、與社交的時間等。


    UWC Dilijan is situated in a place that is extremely beautiful and where everything seems perfect. While the remoteness of the small town hindered development, it promoted the growth of nature. The air here is pure, seemingly unpolluted by the greenhouse gasses that smother much of the globe. It's a place where the sky retains its crystal clarity, and the stars twinkle with luminosity. You can hear birds singing all the time and smell the sweet scent of flowers everywhere. It's a special place where the beauty of nature is all around.

    It's been a semester since I stepped foot in UWCD. From application to actually being on the campus, it's been a mesmerizing experience. Until now, I still feel surreal to study in such a cozy environment. Overall, I feel good about my improvement physically and mentally. Studying abroad is like a challenge to me, therefore I've conquered most of the obstacles hindering the path. I've come to appreciate the growth I've experienced both physically and mentally. The daily routine of hitting the gym has become a cornerstone of my time here, with the conducive environment motivating me to prioritize my physical health.

    Learning experience

    I truly cherish the opportunity to learn in such a relaxed environment. There was a week of orientation for newcomers to help us settle into school life, which is more laid-back compared to high school in Taiwan. The class hours each day are few, and it largely depends on how one manages their time. Typically, after classes, I participate in clubs (CAS), and if there are no CAS activities, I allocate time for exercise or head to the library to work on assignments and study. So far, the pressure during the first semester hasn't been overwhelming. There's a saying among students at UWC Dilijan: you can only choose two—sleep, study, or social life. I've felt the truth of this deeply. Even though there aren't many class hours, the days fly by. Some students stay up all night socializing or cramming for exams. It's a real test of your time management skills. I initially aimed to be in bed by 10 pm every day, surprisingly, I've mostly achieved this goal in the first semester.

    Academically, it depends on the subjects you choose. Some require tedious homework and exams, while others focus on developing report writing skills. The difficulty varies. Personally, I enjoy writing reports and doing presentations, so doing homework is a pleasure for me. In addition, I’m an art person, and VA is one of the most enjoyable subjects in my opinion. Overall, I love the thrill of new experiences and am always eager to learn new knowledge and skills.


    Attending UWC is an odyssey full of adventures and activities. We got multifarious activities that’s a feast for the eyes. Ranging from UWC day, skiing, swimming, project week, student overnight, regional evening, monday briefing, etc. UWC makes sure that students are always busy with something. If you're interested in joining in, don't forget to check your email regularly so you don't miss out on these great opportunities.

    The balance of sleep, academics, and social life:

    Balancing social interactions, academic commitments, gym sessions, and ensuring adequate sleep has proven challenging, but I've made a conscientious effort to produce quality work and cultivate a portfolio that reflects my dedication and passion for my field. For the next term, I want to be an overachiever. I aim to set open-ended goals that allow for continuous growth, understanding that the journey towards improvement is an ongoing process. Embracing the principle of delayed gratification, I'm committed to turning my progress into compound interest, fostering a cycle of continuous improvement.

    Be brave:

    I've learned a valuable lesson about the power of speaking up, regardless of origin or background. At UWC, I noticed that many people, unlike in some Asian cultures, aren't afraid to voice their thoughts, even if they're not perfect. This semester taught me that confidence can overcome excessive caution. In a diverse community, it's vital to share your own feelings and ideas confidently.

    Don’t overthink:

    Stoicism teaches us to accept the unchangeable and change what we can. It's fruitless to guess what others are thinking since everyone has their unique perspective. Focus on what you can influence instead of over analyzing.


    Time at UWC goes by quickly. It's important to socialize and make friends. Cherish every moment here for true happiness. And don't stress about setbacks. Most people at UWC are friendly and approachable, creating a supportive environment.


    One of the standout aspects of life at UWCD has been the emphasis on the "celebration of difference." The enthusiasm among the community to learn Mandarin, particularly for practical everyday use, has left a lasting impression on me. I cherish the culture of different customs and ethnicities. Throughout the lectures we participated in identity, I realized that while external factors such as phenotypes, culture, ethnicity, race, and gender play a role in shaping identity, at a fundamental level, we are all individuals seeking love, care, and validation. Despite our differences, the fact that we're students at UWC brings us together, creating unity among us.

    Overall, is it worth it? In my opinion, it’s completely worth it. Even though this was not the perfect year, I attempted my best. Most significantly, I experienced improvement in confidence and English fluency.

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  • Janice 中國UWC 畢業年度2025

    Published 29/04/24, by Web Editor


    在中國常熟就讀UWC CSC校區的Janice在第一學期結束後所抒發的感想與反思。












    謝謝UWC台灣理事會 給予了可貴的機會和更高遠的視野,讓我塑造生命的韌性,讓我在未來能付出貢獻和回饋在這個社會及世界,成為有同理心和溫柔的人,並且將這份力量和意念渲染傳遞下去。




    迎新周的開始帶來一連串的文化交流活動和認識彼此的機會,我遇見了來自不同種族及背景的同儕,紛紛熱情的展現自己國家的文化和傳統,來自非洲及印度的同學在工作坊中帶領我們攜手共舞,在這裡充滿多國交流和認識的機會,並且在UWC DAY的到來時,更是看見了一種特別的美,彼此尊重及交融,這是一種視覺的饗宴,竊見了來自世界各地服飾的美妙和背後的傳統意念。


    [UWC DAY] 在這天,我們穿上來自自身民族國家的傳統服飾







    動物保護 知行


    FP project week是最讓我難以忘懷的一次經驗。


















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  • Verena 泰國UWC 畢業年度2024

    Published 29/04/24, by Web Editor

    在泰國就讀UWC Thailand校區的Verena Lin在第一學年結束後的感想與反思。


    「For the first time, I felt like I found “my”' group of people, and I am thankful that I did since I believe not everyone is able to do so.」


    文中探討著Verena自己在UWC Thailand對於歸屬感的概念。從起初的懷疑態度,到現今超越單純的社交與友誼等等。並且強調了多樣性與跨出舒適圈的重要性。


    “What does belonging mean to you?” That is a question our school has been asking us ever since the first year I have been here. Back then I never understood the importance or the purpose of the question, not even after I finished the first year at UWC. While the first year consisted a lot on personal organization and responsibility, I discovered that the second year marks the evident change in myself.

    *I gathered that many “introverts” who entered one of the UWC schools found “people” to be one of the most refreshing enlightenment. This reflection will be more self-based and function as self-reflection instead of discussion on the actualities of the school and the activities. More casual writing style will be used and I will be including a bit more of some personal opinion 🙂

    For privacy, there will be no names mentioned, but examples will be included.*

    Spending so much time with my friends and the students in school, the most important lessons I concluded for my journey here has a lot to do with people and relations. Starting the school with everyone scrambling to find their own friend groups, to when the majority settled in, and until now, I realized that “having friends” and “socializing” is different from “belonging”. Back when the teachers would make us sit in a circle and discuss about the topic of “belonging”, I found it a waste of time because I never really fully understood what it meant or what it feels like. Before I came to UWC, I was a very introverted person (even though I still am). I did not always see the point in creating connections with people for I did not see the need to. Even though most social circles has been set, minor changes through interactions and communication allowed us to engage with new people. During the start of grade 12, I established new friendships and strengthened old ones, allowing me to find the friendship dynamics that come naturally. For the first time, I felt like I found “my” group of people, and I am thankful that I did since I believe not everyone is able to do so.

    I realized how important it is for friendship to be mutual and to be initiative. One of my friends told us about how she purposely visit different rooms to check up on everyone occasionally, and that made me understand that I should also be doing the same. From then on, I spent a lot of time after school in other people’s rooms talking with them, and soon we became a lot closer. Now looking back, I see that many of the best friendships I had made were with people I never would have thought I’d be friends with.

    Communicating is such as important aspect. A simple check up on someone when they are feeling down can open possibilities of relations, sharing your own ideas without fearing of being judged can build deeper understandings of one another, being open to listening can heal bonds that were broken, this and so much more I have experienced. You will definitely learn something or receive good results if efforts are put in. Instead of sticking to a comfort zone or only talking to a certain group of people with certain backgrounds, it is easy to miss out on the opportunities to find the people you actually feel like you belong to instead of people you only hang out with. Of course, having friends that you have fun with or hang out with is undoubtedly necessary, I believe that at the same time, it is essential to find people who you can go to even when you are tired of socializing.

    While the first semester of grade 12 has been extremely busy due to exams and university applications, I found a balance within life at UWC. Despite the fact that this reflections talks heavily about “friends” and concepts instead of abilities such as knowledge and skills, I believe that while everyone will acquire technical abilities after coming to UWC, not everyone might gain experience on personal aspects of growth. A lot of my feelings and thoughts can not be simply put into words, I can only claim that this is one of the most valuable gains I have from beginning my UWC journey, which I am sure has also prepared me for the future in the wide society network.

    Now for some more personal interactions with the people around me:

    There are people who I can talk without filter; even on the most random subjects. As someone who is a very philosophical thinker, it isn’t often for me to find someone who share the same mind, and it isn’t always easy to just start of a conversation with “is there a purpose to life”? There are conversations until 2am where we discuss about controversial ideas (which I will not name since some, as mentioned of “no filter”, may be offensive to many). However, what I find special about these talks is that it is never judgmental, it is only a share of personal opinion, nothing more. Oftentimes, we have completely opposite approaches, and our “debate” begins without the intent of convincing the other person. Such as on the topic of “life”, while my friend and I had contradictory points of view, we arrived at the conclusion that “there purpose to life but no meaning to life”. (I will not go into the details of that haha).

    There are people who I can have endless conversations with while we cook ramen (because as boarding students, we obviously eat ramen five times a week). This continued to the point where we even have what we call “ramen night”. There are people who I have been so close to that we don’t need to ask if they are up to do something, such as our inclusion of “movie night” every week. At this point, it is just “so what movie are we watching, horror again?” Instead of “Do you want to watch a movie”. And because of my body that falls ill a tad bit easier than normal, there are people who immediately knows what is going on the second I say “Can you get me a plastic bag”. There are friends that sleep on the ground because I took their bed when being sick in order to watch over me and those that will buy me a snack with a “get will soon” note. There are all of these people and so much more that made me appreciate what I have, and I must admit that I could not have survived the IB without these people around me.

    Being in my old school for my entire life (which is ten years), I didn’t feel extremely upset when I left the only friends I had encountered in my sixteen years. But now, I can not imagine the day it comes when I have to leave these people I have only met for one year and a half. I am sure that during the remaining 4 months here at UWC Thailand, I will receive even more growth in my self. There is so much more other than this lesson that also seem like those plot lines in books where the main character is hit with realization, but those will be a story for another day.

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  • Shaunna 挪威UWC 畢業年度2025

    Published 26/04/24, by Web Editor

    【UWC RCN 第一學期心得】

    在挪威就讀UWC Red Cross Nordic校區的Shaunna在第一學期結束後所抒發的所見所聞與反思。







    UWC RCN 第一學期心得               

                                                                                                                                                         Shaunna Wu 2024.01.03




           自從在國中第一次聽到UWC這所學校後,我就期待某一天能成為其中的一份子。也許是上天不願辜負我的努力與殷殷期盼,終於讓我有機會前往夢想中的UWC 挪威分校。接到台灣理事會的通知時,我興奮到尖叫。夢想雖得以實現,但這也意味著,我即將放下我愛的家人、朋友及學校,前往地球的另一端求學與生活。

           UWC RCN分校在挪威一個非常偏遠的地方,多次轉機、再加上公車與渡輪,將近30個小時的路程後,迎接我的是美麗的峽灣景色,令人嘆為觀止。




    UWC RCN校區

















    在UWC,最不缺的就是多采多姿的活動了。從開學的新生talent show、UWC Day、王后來訪、Project Based Learning Week、照顧難民、Walk For Freedom、European Day等,活動多到我幾乎無暇應付。除了某些是全校性的活動外,如果想要參加某項活動,必須時常留意公告,主動參與甄試或報名。但有時也必需考量自己的時間與課業,要懂得取捨得失。










                  新生talent show上和朋友一表演跳舞                                                   我的好友們









    學期末寢室大合照(Denmark House)


















           在UWC RCN或許多其他UWC校區的同學們,共同的抱怨就是餐廳的食物。那些不知道是什麼的食材、無法想像的恐怖調味,每日都能做出一道道不知名、食不下嚥的料理。情況所逼,我也學會煮一些簡單的麵條,或囤積土司及果醬果腹。我也自願擔任幾個擅長煮飯同學的洗碗工,以偶爾分得一些美味的食物。接下來的一年,我要開始加強我的廚藝了!






          飛到地球的另一端、放下我親愛的家人,以及我所熱愛的武陵高中及同學們,「我會不會後悔?」這的確是一開始我非常擔心的問題。但目前這一個學期下來,我很享受在UWC RCN的生活,我喜愛在這裡結交的朋友,喜愛與朋友歡笑的每一天,喜歡環境總充滿未知的冒險與挑戰,我也期待著下學期的開學,我期待在UWC RCN中的每一天,都能成為我生命中動人的交響樂章。



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  • Sophie 哥斯大黎加UWC 畢業年度2025

    Published 26/04/24, by Web Editor


    This is a reflection on the four months I spent in UWCCR. I am going to start with the good parts.

    My favorite thing about UWCCR is the field trips. I’ve been on ten big and small field trips sponsored by the school this semester. They ranged from planting trees in mountains, to visiting a nearby animal sanctuary, to exploring cultural markets in downtown San Jose. The field trips were not only entertaining, they also served as an opportunity for students to explore different parts of Costa Rica from different angles and to try out different activities. I am not going to dive into what we did on the trips, but UWCCR really put a lot of effort into organizing the trips and they were all very fulfilling as well. I tried to join as many trips as possible because one of the biggest thing about studying abroad for me is the opportunity to explore a different culture thoroughly, the field trips did that!

    Another cool thing about UWCCR is the biodiversity on campus. You can spot so many different creatures on campus, from the cats and raccoons that are kind of everywhere to leafcutter ants, iguanas, armadillos, humming birds and all sorts of other birds and plants. The biology teachers of our school are very into the ecosystem so they organize bird watching tours around the campus from time to time, which I found really interesting 😀

    Now the parts I don’t like.

    I don’t recommend UWCCR to students who prioritize the academics.

    A lot of classes are very heavily based on class discussions and student-led presentations. Having class discussions FROM TIME TO TIME is enriching. It is fulfilling to learn what is happening in different parts of the world. But when class discussions are done in so many classes and subjects, the “textbook knowledge” gets neglected. I feel like a discussion based class is kind of an ideology at this school. The first problem with it is that a lot of the students and teachers are very very liberal, so the discussions are very one-sided. More conservative ideas don’t feel welcomed. The discussions are usually biased and not very open. I believe to have productive and un-biased discussions there need to be people with diverse standpoints and the teachers especially should take the middle stand and guide the discussion with as little bias as possible. I really value knowledge, and love pursuing new knowledge. However, most of the time from class discussions students learn the opinions of their classmates, what they think, how they feel, but those are not actual, practical “knowledge”. It is also difficult to learn the actual “subject” or class content from class discussions or presentations of classmates because they are also students who are trying to study the same subject you are studying. This brings us to our next point, some classes are also heavily based on class presentations. Presentation skills could be useful but learning from classmates’ presentations is very ineffective. Because students are not very familiar with the subject itself, class presentations sometimes contain misinformation and are not clear and easy to understand (sometimes it’s due to students’ accent and pronunciation). Most of the time when students are presenting on stage the classmates below are distracted and working on their own devices. I love learning but class discussions and presentations are not the best approach. In some classes, students also complain about the lessons being “disorganized”. Sometimes the teachers would teach one chapter and skip the other or ask students to study on their own in class. I prefer it when the teachers “teach” because I want to learn from the teachers. I want to learn not just the IB curriculum but also the field works they did, the knowledge they learned from their past teachers, and their own studies. I feel like I am spending a lot of time studying on my own after school because I am not learning very effectively in class, and because of that the classes feel like a waste of time sometimes. However, there are still plenty of students who like the teaching style here, so it really depends on the individual. I personally value learning the academic knowledge a lot so the UWC or IB style of teaching is not for me.

    There are also some other aspects of my UWCCR life that I thought I should mention.

    The first part is stress. I personally didn’t experience much stress until the last few weeks of school, around the time of midterms and finals. A lot of class projects and essays were due around the time of midterms and finals, and the IB exams were not the easiest. To do well on the science and math exams you really have to understand and be familiar with the concepts you learn in class because a lot of the problems on the exam require you to combine different concepts or apply the concepts in various ways. You really have to think creatively to solve those problems. There are no standard question types, so practicing a certain types of questions and memorizing the solutions don’t work. I spent a lot of time reviewing for my exams. The business was what brought me the most stress but it’s temporary, so just had to get it over with 🙂 I believe not having a language barrier makes UWC a lot easier for me. I also did AP in my sophomore year so the workload didn’t catch me too off guard.

    This is probably a UWCCR thing because it’s the school with the most Latin American population. Some people have complained about how the Latinos tend to stick together and exclude non-Latinos. The Latin Americans do indeed stick together but so do other ethnic groups and I have encountered some Latin Americans that are friendly and welcoming. The Latin Americans mostly speak Spanish among each other so to people that don’t understand Spanish it’s impossible to follow the conversations. However some of them do switch to English when there are non-Spanish speakers around or some translate for the non-Spanish speaker when the group is having a conversation in Spanish. I think the main thing is about finding the right people that are willing to speak English and include the non-Spanish speaker in the conversation.

    In terms of social life, I am not a people-person. Real long lasting friendships are not my priority at the moment. I don’t want to have a conversation just for fun, I want to learn about different cultures or broaden my horizons from the conversations I have with others. But most of the time people would still rather have “normal” and “fun” conversations about their day, and gossip. There are also a lot of very talented and extraordinary people who’ve done really cool things. In fact, I believe everyone on campus has something very special about them, like everyone has their own secret super power. Yet on campus they all look like “normal” and “average” people. They don’t really talk about the projects they are working on or the cool things they are doing, so you can’t have this talent exchange or knowledge exchange conversation with many students. It’s just not what people usually talk about in conversations. People do share about their cultures from time to time though, so throughout this one semester I’ve still learned plenty about different cultures.

    I’ve still yet to have this big confrontation of self doubt or an enlightenment on my values and goals like many UWC students have had. I am still pretty lost on what I want to do in the future career wise, but I have some idea on what I value and what I want for myself so I just hope I am heading in the right direction and making the right decisions, taking everything step by step.

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  • Howard 荷蘭UWC 畢業年度2025

    Published 26/04/24, by Web Editor

    【轉挑戰於舒適:我的 UWC Term 1記錄】

    在荷蘭就讀UWC Maastricht的Howard在第一學期結束後所抒發的自我審視與所見所聞。




    文中Howard說明著自己在UWC Maastricht面對到的問題與挑戰,最終立志習慣於挑戰,藉此轉變成舒適。



    UWC Maastricht 1st term reflection

    以下是我今年2023在UWC Maastricht第一學期的留學心得。在開始之前,我想先謝謝我的父母親及家人能夠支持我的出國留學,也要謝謝UWC Taiwan給予我這個美好的機會。正文如下:


    我們樓層的floor dinner,所有都是層友們自己煮的 (我負責炒麵)



    UWC Maastricht是一個充滿著多元國籍的校區,雖然佔地不大,卻擁有著超過100個不同的國籍,以及容納900多位學生。此學校的一大特點是他是一所K12的學校,涵蓋了小學、國中、與高中生。平時上課時會見到小學生在校園內玩耍,聽聞他們的嬉笑聲。學校的人口組成分為兩種,當地學生及住宿生。以下我來介紹我於校內的所見與反思。



    「UWC Maastricht是一個包容不同文化、族群的學校」,校內常有不少活動,提倡著多元文化的交流。在剛踏入學校的第一刻,我見著了好幾個學長姐架著不同的國旗形成一個小隧道,歡迎著我們的到來。我當時心想著這就是所謂的包容多元吧,每個國家到來的人都一樣重要,每個人的價值都是平等被看待的。




    在UWC Maastricht 的這第一學期內,我遊走於不同的群體中,我嘗試著破除不同的刻板印象,我加入種種校內活動,共享著文化的多元。即便數次不順,我認為這些都是學習的機會。



    接下來時間來到了我們雙十節,也是我們國慶日的時間。在十號的前一晚,我趕出了大約十五張左右的海報,慶祝我們國家的誕生日。當我不會用影印機的時候,我向兩位中國來的朋友們求助,他們也很樂意的使用了自己的影印額度幫我把海報印了出來。隔日,我穿起了UWC Taiwan的帽踢,披上我的國旗,將我的海報貼到校園的各個布告欄與角落。過程中,一位來自哥斯大黎加與一位來自塞浦路斯的朋友們與我一同張貼海報,慶祝著我國的節日。




    然而好景不常,在下午放學時,我繞回我所張貼海報的地方時,發現了不少海報被玷汙,上面寫著各種輕蔑的字眼。第一次,我如此的感覺自己的尊嚴被糟蹋;第一次,我覺得我有義務為我們國家發聲。我首先在自己的社群媒體表示出自己的不滿。接下來與另一個來自台灣的朋友一同發了一封郵件給校方,訴說此事件對於自己的不尊重與權利的剝削,希望與校方一同處理此事件。途中,不少其他UWC分校的台灣學生給予我鼓勵與方法來解決此事,這使我意識到UWC Taiwan是如此的團結。即便是我素未謀面的學姐,也在第一時間給予關心與幫助,使我萬分珍惜UWC Taiwan這大家庭。校方在隔天早上第一時間的給予了我們回覆,我們一同在線下討論解決辦法,校方也對於此事向我們表示歉意,且承諾我們會幫助我們處裡此事。









    有一次,來自塞浦路斯的朋友問了我一個問題「為什麼你們同意自己以『中華台北』的名字參加國際項目 ? 」當時,我只草草的回一句,有的參加機會總比沒有好。然而,不久後我重新的審視過這問題,我頓時自相矛盾。我為什麼叫自己台灣人 ? 我可否叫自己中國 (中華民國) 人 ? 我們為什麼要貶低自己身分而稱自己為「中華台北」?

    在此我沒有想摻入政治、歷史、地理因素,純純是納悶於我該如何代表自己的國家,來介紹他、宣傳其文化。逐漸的,當我介紹我的國家時,若時間簡短,我稱自己為 “Taiwanese”,反之,則為 “I’m from the Republic of China, or commonly known as Taiwan.”



    我所想要的UWC Experience

    所謂自己的路自己走,自己的未來自己決定,這是我從小到大就被灌輸的價值。在UWC Maastricht的這三個月以來,「我到底想要什麼 ?」與「我希望在我的UWC Experience中得到什麼 ?」此二問題時常在我的腦海裡繚繞。出國留學又如何 ? 做出什麼樣的抉擇才是正確的 ?


    同時,我亦嘗試著打破自己的舒適圈,與來自不同文化的人在課堂中、宿舍同樓中,探討不同的問題,參加額外的活動等。我想,在我的UWC Experience中,我所想要獲得到的並非排斥舒適圈,而是將自己不熟悉的事物、沒接觸過的人們、想都沒想過的問題納入自己的舒適圈,挑戰與接受他們,習慣於挑戰,藉此轉變成舒適。



    在UWC Maastricht的這三個月內,我做出了許多決定,許多trials and errors,每一個挫敗皆可轉變為學習的機會。即便第一學期的UWC並非如同我一開始所預期的,亦非完全如UWC理想的環境,但是什麼都可以成為一個學習的機會,是我們身為學生,身為一個UWCer,身為自己來破除這個障礙,塑造出自己所嚮往的UWC旅途。





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  • Sophia 英國UWC 畢業年度2025

    Published 24/04/24, by Web Editor

    【AC Term 1 Reflection.】

    在英國UWC Atlantic College 就讀的Sophia在第一學期結束後所抒發的反思與自我成長。


    “Do what makes you happy.”

    “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”


    文中Sophia深入的談論著自己在UWC Atlantic College就讀中的成長與充實的生活。







    I’m trying something a bit different with this reflection — something more train of thought, more intimate. Trying to finish this on the flight home. It’s not the most well written, and will probably be updated in the future, but I’m following the one thing I’ve heard a lot this term — Do what makes you happy. I’m actually motivated to write this one, so let’s see how it goes :))

    (P.S: If you want any of the photos taken down, please DM me :))


    Dawn from above the clouds, over Hong Kong (roughly)


    Before this term at AC, I’d have classified myself as a total introvert. I never craved company. I feel like this changed this term. I’ve met people who I genuinely enjoy being with, who I am willing to put effort into maintaining relationships with. As I’m writing this on the plane back to Taiwan, I miss them already, and we’ve only been apart for less than a week. For privacy and the sake of ease, I’m not going to name anyone, but I trust they know who they are :)

    I am so lucky to have met the coolest people. People that I feel comfortable around, who I feel like myself with, who I know I can go to without (uncalled for) judgement. People I can rant to and feel listened to (thank you everyone for putting up with me). People who start the most interesting conversations at 11pm when we’ve both said “we’re going to sleep early tonight”, but never do. People who I feel safe with, and who I can truly be me around. It’s liberating.


    (Some of) the breakfast table crew — photo credits: May


    For me, being in silence alone is almost unbearable now, which is surprising given that I spent most of my time last year hidden from the world inside a bed curtain. I’ve gotten so familiar with the 7pm trek down the hill to PK (another boarding house, closest to the castle) that I can do it in the dark.


    Kinda unrelated to the text, but photo from UWC day (SJYC gang —the first ppl I knew before coming to campus :))


    I’ve also seen the coolest sights this term. Im pretty sure that I’ve said the phrase “I’ve only seen this in movies” well over 20 times — walking out of the house and seeing the grass fully frozen over, picturesque sunsets, the seafront that just keeps giving…


    I think I took this photo on the 3rd night on campus, from a bench right outside the castle, at 10:30pm. Something about the smudge of steam just feels surreal.




    Frosted grass along the M4


    It’s only been one term, but I’ve realized I will actually miss this place, these people. I wish time would go slower… The cruel thing about AC is that it’s only 2 years. You spend term 1 settling in, then suddenly half your time with second years is gone. I already know I’m going to miss my second years so much. They have become my older siblings, parents, mentors, friends, giving me love, guidance, talking sense into me when necessary. Shoutout to you all. (Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to reach the bar they’ve set when I get my firsties next year. )


    Still love this photo so much — taken at 12:26am, the night before UWC day, a full day of events.


    The biggest misconception I had about AC, was that everyone was extremely 「現充」. 「現充」is a slang term we use in Taiwan that doesn’t quite translate, but it roughly is used to describe people that “live their life to extreme fulfillment”, filling every hour with an event, party, commitment, etc. There are certainly people who party every week (at least), are up until 2 am playing foosball in the day room… But, the most common thing I hear now is “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” My favorite early memories of the term were of Hideout, the “counterpart” to Sosh (the Friday night party on campus). Hideout has been the catalyst for trauma bonding, calligraphy, coloring, and mooncakes. There was this one night, at 10:20pm, right after Hideout, we were sitting on the grass next to the M4, ranting about life, pulling out grass while we talked. We had pulled out so much grass that there was a bald spot at our feet, and a little pile in front of us.


    Something in the Orange


    I have to admit, sometimes I’d get caught up in trying to “prove my place”. But, as mentioned in the opening note, I’ve realized that I should be living the AC life that makes me happy, and I think I’ve achieved this far better than I was expecting to be honest. I’ve found a group of people who fill me with so much joy to be around, I’ve (surprisingly) managed to find a half-hobby in the form of singing (which has also been a great stress reliever). The first week of term before classes started, a few of us would be in the day room, someone playing the piano, and we would sing.


    Again, kinda unrelated but (one of) the really interesting graffiti pieces in our Academic blocks.


    No, I’m not just letting life pass me by, I’m still involved with (in my opinion) an adequate amount of things — Choir, Well Co (Well-being Council), I did a Human Library talk, Prentis, etc. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about these in this reflection because I don’t think they’re the most relevant at this point. I’ll probably write more about them in the future. And no, I’m not doing them just for university applications.


    Set up for Human Library about holding 3 (conflicting) passports.


    There’s a lot of walking at AC. Living in Tice, one of the furthest boarding houses from the castle comes with its perks (Ex: having the best people, imho), but also comes with its slight disadvantages — having to budget 10 extra minutes in every morning to get to the castle (As a double humanities student, I’m walking to the castle most mornings). Recently in the winter, due to daylight savings, and Wales just being Wales, the sun is barely up when I leave the house, and almost gone by the time we leave assembly at 4. You’d think this would be depressing, and sure, I’d appreciate more sunlight sometimes, but it’s not that bad. Oftentimes, the chattering and music blasting from various speakers is enough to make up for the lack of light.


    The seemingly endless M4 (the hill from my dorm to the castle)


    Surprisingly, I don’t really mind the walk. Sure, sometimes it feels like it’s -7 degrees out, it’s (often) pouring rain — and more often than not I decide to just sit in the castle for 1.5 hours to avoid trekking up the hill. However, a brisk walk down the M4 isn’t so bad when the fields are blanketed with a delicate glitter of frost, or when the skies are painted the most stunning shades of pink and orange and red. Good friends also help. I’ll often take a detour, tacking on an extra 7 minutes to my route, to walk a friend back to their house — the walk is pretty enjoyable when you’ve got company.


    Unedited photo of dusk — no, I’m not a photographer.


    On the topic of trekking: Llantwit — whose residents deemed us “public nuisances”, but which we still love since it provides the (basic) necessities. Theoretically, there’s a bus service that runs from our campus to Llantwit. However, it runs once an hour, and is less timely than tutors at check-in (aka, not very). So, we (my friend group) often walks. Now, if you were to tell me before AC that I would be willingly walking 45 minutes (both ways) twice a month into a small town just to buy granola bars, chocolate, and (not very good) tea, I’d tell you that we aren’t living in the 20th century anymore. But now, I’d say the walks to Llantwit were definitely some of the early highlights of this term. Between someone inevitably complaining about how cold they are and the (sometimes) pouring rain, there’s music. We’re either singing, or playing someone’s Spotify playlist. If there isn’t a tune present, we’re caught up in conversation.


    Tunnel framed with branches en route to Llantwit from campus — the joys of not taking the bus


    My experiences, your experiences, their experiences. A 45 minute walk with no one else on the street often leads to some pretty interesting chats — “how is homophobia internalized?” “Why can’t that guy just shut up?” “Are we going the right way?” “You’ve worked for the government??” Apart from our conversations, the walk is pretty bland. Occasionally there’s the random teacher driving or cycling to campus at 10 am on a Saturday (?), a couple cows, and the most random little house about 20 minutes away from town. That house has sparked a couple remarks from us — “would you want to live there?” “No way, what if you go into cardiac arrest? The nearest hospital is 50 minutes away!”


    Surprisingly, I was less homesick to go halfway across the world than I was to fly 2 hours away from home (CSC — UWC Changshu, where I attended FP last year, read my other reflections :)). Maybe it’s because I’m older now, maybe it’s because I didn’t have very high expectations. Nonetheless, I can confidently say that I feel truly loved and free at AC. By the first night, I had gotten to know my second year roommates more than I will ever know my roommates from last year. It really felt like people cared about me, and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting that at all. Whether it be finally being able to speak the language I’m comfortable with (English), or the “progressive” environment that AC tries to foster, this term was probably the first time I felt that I could really be myself without having to put on a facade. There are very few “taboo” topics amongst my friends — our late night conversations have ranged from family trauma to existential philosophy to how inefficient the NHS (UK’s National Healthcare Service) is. This has also been the first time I’ve been surrounded with people who question EVERYTHING, and I’m fully enjoying it.


    Photo from Christmas dinner :))


    One question that stuck with me was “Are we living in a bubble?” AC, and UWCs in general like to pride ourselves on “connecting with the community” and “making meaningful change”. Much of what UWC stands for is quite idealistic, and in my opinion, sometimes bordering on promoting a “savior complex”. I’m still not quite sure how to articulate this, that’s a topic for next term :)


    I’m now 6 hours away from home, typing this on my notes app as I flick through pictures from this term. It’s been 11 hours into a 17 hour journey, and for once, I miss campus more than I miss home. This term, unlike last year at CSC , I did not have a widget on my phone counting down the days until I could go home. In Anthopology, we looked at the concept of a “chosen family”, a family not tied by blood, but equally (or even more) significant. I didn’t long for the feeling of being with my family at home because, and I know this is cliche, AC became my family and home.


    • From my iPhone, 7 minutes away from TaoYuan International Airport.


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  • Louis 加拿大UWC 畢業年度2025

    Published 24/04/24, by Web Editor

    在加拿大UWC就讀的Louis Lee在第一學期結束後所抒發的所見所聞與反思。




    文中探討著Louis自己對於UWC Pearson校園風氣的探討、自我價值的審視、與嘗試著實現UWC的價值,塑造出自己的UWC旅途。


    【UWC理想,真的能夠實現?】UWC Term 1 Reflection

    這篇文章主要會反思在UWC Pearson College第一學期的所見所聞,探討校園生活中那應該被討論,卻被每天匆忙生活給吞噬的一面。(圖片跟各個小節沒什麼關係。)



    “Our mission is to foster an anti-racist, diverse, inclusive, accessible, and equitable community where all our members are supported to reach their full potential.” —Pearson College UWC








    UWC Value在這個方面,彷彿變成了一種掛在嘴邊的理想。雖然確實一個圈子裡有不同的人種,不同的國籍,但這就是多元嗎?表面上看來是非常多元的,但卻與我心中的多元相差甚遠。多元應包容價值、文化上的不同,理解並尊重彼此的意見,但在這裡,比較多的是同溫層吧。




    讓我訝異的是他們對於保守意見的包容程度。當他們本身的價值受到質疑,最常看到的反應是驚訝與不解。我非常喜歡在對話時挖根究底的詢問對方信仰(無關宗教性質)背後的理由與原因,但在過程中卻發現得到的回應有些空泛,甚至被懷疑我是否反對UWC Value。例如,為什麼我們應該保存弱勢文化?在問問題時,我並非保持著一種否定此特定價值的心態,而是單純想了解他們如此認為背後的脈絡。但我被投以的是難以置信的眼光,即使我解釋我並沒有反對或支持的想法。而因此我逐漸發現,來這邊的人,並不是每個都了解他們為什麼支持UWC mission,為什麼自己所支持的思想應該受到支持。


    UWC Day 與多明尼加、不丹的朋友們互換彼此國旗合照









    House Olympic,由五個不同宿舍參加,獲勝的宿舍會獲得大獎盃。

















    初到Pearson,可能文化和國籍的多元性,讓人有一種實現UWC理想的感受。人們也時時提倡UWC Values,但人際關係、課業、行政方針等各式各樣複雜影響下,這樣的理想和現實存在著距離,如何在體認這種困難的過程中,讓自己更接近理想並伴隨著自我成長,是需要學習且習慣的。



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  • Joyce 加拿大UWC 畢業年度2023

    Published 18/04/24, by Web Editor

    【再見,永遠不是再也不見】- UWC 第四學期心得


    Joyce 在加拿大UWC畢業後的深度反思。如願接受挑戰,讓生命更富色彩!





    從深夜開始,每個小時走去停車場,與朋友相擁、哭泣,望著巴士絕塵而去,堅持揮手到最後看不見的一刻,走回 Dayroom 與朋友聊天,下個整點再一次,反覆了整夜。黎明時分,輪到我上車時,校園裡已空蕩得我再也不認識。坐在車上時還有些恍惚,直到轉過彎、從窗戶再也看不到任何人時,意識到明年我並沒有要再回來,眼淚才不由自主地流下,此刻世界是沉默的。

    並非一聲巨響,而是一陣嗚咽。 — — 艾略特《荒原》


    💫 叛逆的城市女孩,在荒野與冰雪中愛上自然與運動

    對體力超差又容易中暑的我而言,從小上學最討厭的就是體育課,每一次老師要求的跑步圈數都是在挑戰自己,而且還得跟上同儕的步伐。即使在高中時遇到好老師,讓我逐漸不再害怕,卻仍沒有從中體會到樂趣,進而在生活中逐漸遠離運動。我從沒想過我能享受運動,直到來 Pearson 後,我才意識到自己是臺灣體能教育下的受害者。

    在依山傍海的 Pearson,徜徉於自然是生活的一大部分。我們擁有得天獨厚的地理條件,可以在無風無浪的海洋上划船和潛水,也有無數的山林步道可以健行,更有各種不同地形提供海洋科學的教學,而學校的時程安排裡有一周兩次的 CAS 和 Fitness,因此我兩年間加入了 Wilderness、Kayaking、Canoeing 和 Diving,更藉各種機會嘗試溜冰和滑雪。這兩年,我把過往沒享受到的運動樂趣全都體驗回來,學到怎麼和自己的身體好好相處,更意識到運動過程的心態調適,也能幫助我在日常生活中對抗壓力,顧好心理健康。




    💫 持續尋找神的所在 — — 走進伊斯蘭教的世界


    2023/03/23 ~ 2023/04/20,我完成了整整一個月的齋戒,只因為一份執念,答應了朋友要更了解伊斯蘭的執念。



    “Ramadan is like a rare flower that blossoms once a year and just as you begin to smell its fragrance, it disappears for another year.”


    由於加拿大的緯度較高,實行時已過春分,因此禁食的白天幾乎天天都是從早上四點到晚上八點,就像在白天實行 168 斷食法。剛開始幾天,對時常忘記吃飯的我而言並不辛苦,可是因為懶得三點起床吃早餐,卻還得過著正常的生活 — — 照常上課、運動和睡眠,因為進食的目的正是要讓我們體驗飢餓的苦。然而,如同天天飢餓三十的生活,我的身體漸漸無法承受,當有意識被禁止飲食,尤其喝水時,便會更渴望獲得。但是,撐過這段陣痛期(生理期間可以恢復正常),我越來越發現飢餓可以使我更加專注,也讓腦中混亂的思緒逐漸平息;雖然自始至終,「神」之於我依然飄渺遙遠,我仍不明白我所感悟到的境界,在各種宗教裡是否能被定義或接受。但即使說不明白,我仍很享受這個過程,如果明年有機會,我會願意再嘗試一次。

    💫 No pain, no gain,但不是有付出就有收穫



    從北一女畢業,保留了臺大休學的學籍,看似我用兩年換得比別人多一條路的選擇,實際上我從沒把回臺灣念大學當作一個選項,因為在 UWC 看到太多的可能性,感嘆於世界之大而更激起想探索的熱情,加上認為自己還不足夠有能力回饋臺灣,所以希望能在國外繼續磨練,培養並尋找自己在社會中的角色。因此,這個答案是肯定的:我要留在國外。


    臺灣的大學申請有學測、分科測驗、特殊選材、繁星、各種保送等複雜制度,讓每個人都能選擇自己適合的管道。然而,美國大學的方式很單一,成績好是基本的,還需要各方面的課外活動,藉由文書展現(包裝)自己的優秀,以及考慮一些我們生來便無法改變的特質 — — 種族與經濟背景。如果說申請大學之路是一條馬拉松,那相比臺灣的制度,美國申請中每個人的起點差異更大,因為各種 privilege 占太高的比例了。

    我意識到我自己很「中間」,永遠比上不足比下有餘,所以不會受到特殊保障,卻難以競爭過比自己更「上層」的人們,尤其我不是英文母語者,這種寫作也不是我過往習慣的模式,剖析自己的過程中也容易陷入回憶的漩渦,因此反覆思考、修改與反芻,成為地獄般的無限迴圈。接連被 EA、ED2 的學校拒絕,或者錄取卻沒有足夠的獎學金,我深受挫折,同時也不斷懷疑自己真的不夠好、不值得繼續走在夢想的道路上嗎?


    最終,我拿了全額獎學金到佛羅里達大學 — — 雖然與我原本的預期落差甚大,但卻已是我擁有的選項中最好的了。這個過程讓過往升學幾乎沒有遭遇挫折的我,深刻體會到許多事並不只是努力就能達成,更需要機緣與時運,因此更能理解失敗或天生劣勢的人們的處境,也更能坦然面對生命的無奈。誠然,UWC 給予我們改變生命的機會,但我不會說它是名校的跳板,因為作為其中的一份子,我明白申請過程的重重阻礙,並不能簡單化約為一句輕鬆的「跳板」,箇中的辛酸更會加劇自己對生命的思考,因為出國留學這條路從來都不好走,社群媒體上光鮮亮麗之下,仍有無數的掙扎、踟躕、思念與自我價值低落的苦。

    “I am not lucky. You know what I am? I am smart, I am talented, I take advantage of the opportunities that come my way and I work really, really hard. Don’t call me lucky. Call me a badass.” — Shonda Rhimes


    💫 來自靈魂深處的探問 — — 我是誰?


    兩年前申請 UWC 時,我在「英文名字」那欄毫不猶豫地填上 Joyce,雖然只是小時候英文課老師隨意取的,卻是我生命中唯一擁有的英文名字。然而,在團體面試與進入 UWC 初期,身旁人以 Joyce 稱呼我時,我常會忘記要有反應,因為這個名字和我過往的生活沒有連結,我不認為它代表我;但當我逐漸習慣 UWC 的生活、習慣被稱為 Joyce 的日常後,我暑假回到臺灣卻開始忘記自己的中文名字,也不願意被如此稱呼。


    寒冷與濕熱、英文與中文、城市與自然、與人的相處模式、不同種族與宗教信仰 …… 強烈的文化差異與對比,令我深刻地感受到自己身在地球的另一端,彷彿時空錯亂闖入另一個世界。即使我不認為自己的獨特性足以代表臺灣或東亞,因為我本質上和臺灣的傳統文化與飲食十分疏離,卻因為外表、說英文的口音與種種自己也沒意識到的因素,比如內斂或謙虛,加深「外國人」對我的刻板印象。然而,當我和來自各國的朋友們聊天、意識到彼此間的差距後,便愈加羨慕作為白人、英文母語者、外向善於社交與經濟富足的 privilege,因此很長一段時間,我努力地想成為他們。我討厭過去花費大量時間在(他們眼中沒有意義的)讀書考試上的自己,討厭安靜內向沒有存在感的自己,討厭一事無成膽小懦弱的自己,因此我本就容易受環氛圍感染,又長期沉浸於此般文化,使我學會新的社交的模式,逐漸洗去身上使我自卑的元素,喜歡上習慣歐美文化、能與朋友相談甚歡徹夜瘋狂的 Joyce,所以開始否認自己的中文名字,似乎就能否認在臺灣的一切,否認我討厭的自己。


    我不再積極地高喊我是臺灣人,但也不否認自己受西方文化影響的事實;我並不是在「扮演 Joyce」,也不是「我就是 Joyce」,而是「我也是 Joyce」。

    💫 「我不後悔,這是我目前為止生命中最快樂的兩年。」



    💫 「我不後悔,這是我目前為止生命中最快樂的兩年。」



    四年前得知 UWC,三年前開始申請,兩年前隻身一人出國,幾個月前確定申請上美國大學,我的人生在 16 歲決定準備出國那年,就再也無法平凡;而 18 歲時將這個選擇攤在陽光下、被眾人檢視,我看似就必須給出完美的答案。


    誠然,我會有年齡焦慮,尤其暑假和臺灣同齡的朋友相聚、大家聊起大學生活時,我無法參與亦沒能共鳴;即使自信滿滿地說走在自己選擇的道路上,卻始終跌跌撞撞,總在夜深人靜時質疑自己這是何苦,待在臺灣享受椰林大道的陽光不好嗎?可是,北一女和 UWC,我一個也不想放棄。正因為有北一女三年各科老師的啟蒙、數資班菁英環境中培養出的抗壓性、眾多資源間取捨的時間管理能力,以及學測準備期間的知識儲備,才使我擁有足夠成熟的心智面對 UWC 兩年的挑戰,並能認真反思自己經歷的一切。然而,若我選擇直接進入大學,無論在臺灣或任何國家,必然不會有 UWC 的多元性;沒有這兩年的經驗,我不會看見這個世界有多豐富,我不會是現在我喜歡的我。

    我要感謝 UWC 臺灣理事會、Ashlee、Lead for Taiwan,給我出走的機會;感謝支持我的朋友們及為我寫推薦信的老師,組成堅固的網接住墜落的我;感謝父母的開明與金援,讓我有足夠的資本與信心出國;感謝在 Pearson 遇見的所有人事物,讓我體驗另一種生活與快樂的方式。



    💫 Continuing……


    記得剛到 UWC 的第一學期,體驗一切新事物時,常會用「第一次xxx」來計算,然而儘管從第三學期的壓力與申請地獄脫離,進入第四學期卻使一切相反:最後一次生火、最後一次 Bay jump、最後一次露營、最後一次去 Victoria、最後一次上課…… 最後一學期的無時無刻都在倒數,那些放縱無拘無束的快樂,都是過往累積的努力後的甜頭,然而時間卻殘忍地流逝,我什麼也抓不住,身心靈都無法快速消化這些情緒。

    Transition Circle 時,所有人拿著蠟燭在黑夜裡,二年級和所有一年級對視。一張張種族、五官各異的臉,是整整九個月的族譜。仍有幾張臉全然陌生,可惜著沒能和他們有更深的交流,卻也知道沒必要後悔,因為重來一遍我仍不會改變原本的生活方式。穿著畢業典禮後拿到的 PCAA (Pearson College Alumni Association) 的 T-shirt,我知道我已經成為校友,但直到我從內圈踏進一年級的圈,再往後退到外圈,我才意識到這個校園不再屬於我們 Year 48,它會變成 Year 49 & 50 學弟妹們的,以後是 Year 50 & 51,可是 Year 47、46、45、44等也會一直存在…… 我還沒有習慣這個身份轉換,還不能瀟灑地揮一揮衣袖不帶走一片雲彩,所以我沒辦法準備好將蠟燭吹熄,是我太多愁善感又儀式化的執念模糊了眼前……

    最後和朋友走了一遍校園,細數每個場域的回憶。最後的最後,站在 Dock 上,望向那片彼岸是家的海,孕育我成長、思念、和解和孤獨的一隅,剛巧趕上了日出的彩霞,學校也很應景地斷電斷網,一個兩年來任何重要時刻都會發生、所有人的共同回憶。離開時的天氣正好也無風雨也無晴,但我回首向來蕭瑟處,卻怎麼也沒有蘇軾那等定風波的胸懷。


    記得第一年學期結束前,某天晚上全校一起躺在星空下的草地上,學長姐說:「如果沒辦法概括這一年的心得,那我們用數字來感受吧!數一數你和朋友擁抱的次數、半夜交不出作業而哭的次數、多少次走到 cafe 卻只拿了蘋果就走…… 那麼,現在感覺到什麼了嗎?」滿天星斗的浪漫摻雜了些許不捨,幾聲嗚咽點綴了寂靜,像電影拉長了鏡頭,定格在失焦的身影。人生沒有盡頭,彷如重重胡同與混亂宇宙,有的只是無限的岔路。那麼,迎面而來的,是周而復始的圓,還是漸漸模糊的起點?




    2023 夏末 永遠心之所歸的維多利亞

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