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Sienna 德國UWC 畢業年度2023

25 August 2023



If beauty is hidden in plain sight then freiburg was as plain as it could be

The place taught me that love comes in different forms and shapes and often unforeseen

The journey embarked with three luggages and ended with two, as i left pieces of myself behind as many others do

Many mistake the journey as a vacation, correction, it was just pure imagination. Because they gave me the chance to imagine, what my life could be without restrictions, how much I could grow as a person, and the places i could go (a book of mariam’s)

The fights were not pretty but they were all needed, a place for confrontations including with myself, fully intended

Many highlights I cherish with much love and full gratitude, because the experience we built together had a high rough order of magnitude

Never have I been challenged intellectually as I have in a place where our teachers care, so much passion was channeling as they taught us not only to learn but to care, about the world around us and that the words we say, matters every second because we could change, the world in front of us and our future todays.

One thing to remember is that we are not a representation of our countries but a portal to see how they mold our worlds, as culture and traditions are not restrictions but an added brushstroke of art on our beautiful canvases that placed us in this destination

If home is where the heart is, then my home is nomadic. as I leave the plain and the beauty, I remember they are not static. It will change and remain in its own way, but it’ll stay forever the same in my heart as the place.

and a reminder, that we’ll be a.o.k

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