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Todd 中國UWC 畢業年度2024

12 March 2023


✨都來閱讀Todd 的學期回顧吧!✨

The second I made the decision to go to UWC CSC, I knew that I was embarking on a journey to pursue my boundless dreams. Without any hesitation, I began the journey anticipating various challenges. Throughout the past semester, many things happened and it was indubitably a major highlight of my high school life. Making new friends, participating in school events such as homecoming parties and basketball competitions, as well as navigating through school work were among the myriads of obstacles that propelled my growth during this semester.

​It may seem strange to go to China, given the concerns of political parties, the possibility of discrimination, and the potential risk of being in danger. However, this did not happen to me. Students in the CSC community are respectful and acknowledge the differences between people. Before getting into the circle of an UWCer, I would like to categorize this process into three stages: getting out of your comfort zone, time management, and finally enjoying the UWC school life.

​First, getting out of your comfort zone, transferring to a new school is always challenging. Having trouble fitting in is probably one of the problems that most people encounter. Finding the right community for you in the school is significant, for me, I joined the basketball team and later on, my friends would soon revolve around the basketball community(shout out to Lawan, A612, and the basketball team). UWC is a place where different people with different backgrounds come together in a place where they can freely express their ideas. This is a perfect opportunity for you to meet people you normally would never encounter, so don’t be afraid of getting out and making new friends. This process of making new friends and fitting in was quite easy for me, as a simple basketball game could start a lifelong bond for most of us. Yet, to be able to balance social life and school work is another challenge that took me a long time to figure out.

​Time management is probably one of the most important things in CSC, having so much free time it’s up to you to make the most of it. Clubs with conflicting time, homework, and social activities are some of the factors that you need to take into consideration(note that the school encourages you to solve everything on your own, so for clubs that clash periods, you need to talk with your leaders!) At the start of the semester, I often forgot to submit homework or overdue assignments. I began to get into the habit of adding my homework to the to-do list which made me more aware of my assignments and finally I would be able to submit everything on time.

​Despite all the good things that happened to me during the semester, I sustained an injury that completely changed my mental health for a long time. Basketball is one of my major getaways when schoolwork or life is getting too stressful. The injury caused me to not be able to play for three months, I was unable to get the satisfaction of playing basketball and it had a huge toll on my mental health. Luckily, CSC is a place where you are forced to find a solution, and I soon became the JV’s coach for a few weeks, which helped me get over my injury stage.

​CSC is different from what I expected, this school helped me form bonds that I never experienced, even though there might be fewer foreigners in the school, the UWC experience is still very unique and I would like to say you never know what it is until you have experienced it.

可能是 7 個人、大家在運動、球和室內的圖像

可能是 8 個人和大家站著的圖像

可能是 3 個人、大家站著和室內的圖像

可能是 3 個人和大家站著的圖像

可能是 3 個人和大家站著的圖像

可能是 8 個人和室內的圖像

可能是 1 人和室內的圖像

可能是 8 個人、大家站著和戶外的圖像

可能是 7 個人、大家站著和室內的圖像

可能是 6 個人、大家站著和戶外的圖像

可能是 2 個人和室內的圖像

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