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洪敬哲 波斯尼亞UWC 畢業年度2021

27 June 2021

Hi, my name is Beck. Two years have passed by amazingly in a fast flow. I have gone through many ups and downs with my fellow co-years in the United World College in Mostar.

Hi, my name is Beck. Two years have passed by amazingly in a fast flow. I have gone through many ups and downs with my fellow co-years in the United World College in Mostar. Throughout the time in Mostar, I have experienced many things that inspired me of my future career and future perspectives. The experience that we “UWC” students would get will become the most unique and unforgettable memory throughout our lives. I recall that the main purpose of the United World College is to create a sustainable environment by using the essential power of youth to make the world a better place with hope and to create a conspiracy around the world. However, to be able to create this sustainable environment, we will have to engage with many different activities to make growth in our specialty in all kinds of circumstances. There are many different activities such as CAS which is extracurricular after the main courses, students are able to choose from a diverse selection of groups and to pick the ones that fit them the best. The existence of the extracurricular is to let the students have their own free time to learn things or exporting the stress from the International Baccalaureate contents from time to time. Personally, I have had such great memories of the extracurriculars. I was able to participate in different activities to properly release my stress against the pressure that I have faced in the United World College. 
 For me, the UWC experience is not only about meeting people from all over the world, but also the opportunity to make a change in society in the small community of the united world college. I have learned so much unique knowledge throughout these two years. When I came back to Mostar as a senior, people often ask me this specific question about how come I am already 20 years old and I am still stuck in high school? I sometimes ask myself this question as well; however, I have never regret of applying to the United World College in Mostar, I have the opportune chance and responsibility to engage in the world movement and letting myself into a different perspective of viewing the world. These two years have completely broadened my horizons by how the world community works. Despite the academic engagement which is mandatory in school, I have had constant opportunities to put myself in other’s shoe by giving different opinions and thoughts in the community that is full of young generations. Although I am the oldest student in my generation; however, I have never used the privilege of my age difference to discourage myself not to be included in the community. Even though I have suffered from being involved in groups during my first year of college, I was not able to talk in groups or with individuals due to my shyness and uncertainty in new environments. I would not say that being shy in a new environment is a disadvantage during the time of studying abroad. It is all about the process and engagement within a community. I would say that being shy and departed from the community is a process when letting ourselves into a new environment. Although many people might say that this is such a discouragement or unfortunate that I was not able to fit into the new community as comfortable as the other students. But I have never seen it as a disadvantage when I arrive in a new community. Nevertheless, when I came back as a senior, I have discovered the improvement of being more open and sociable towards the new environment with first-year students. The third and the fourth term have been the best time period throughout my time in the United World College in Mostar. I have met so many people and made so many friends throughout the senior year in Mostar. Honestly, I am not quite a big fan of academics; I would not say that my performance in academics is as successful as I thought. However, I have successfully received the experience of meeting new people and involving in many activities and roles such as being selected as the leader of the photo production in the United World College in Mostar. I have been recognized as the school photographer throughout these two years. I somehow found a way of meeting new people and getting involved in the community by sharing my talents. My intention of becoming the school photographer was that I wanted to share my talents with the people in the community and to use this chance to expand my skills and to gain experience to make my talents better than they used to be. On the other hand, I would say that being a school photographer enhances my relationships with the people in the community and I can use this opportunity to have a different perspective of viewing the world through the camera lens. I recall whenever when my friends asked me “Why would you do such a thing for free?” or “Why would you do such a thing to waste your time since you are not being paid by the school?” I have thought of these questions constantly ever since I started taking photos for the school. However, I have somehow find the peacefulness and happiness of taking photos of people or events. I have also met so many different people by using my talent to make people happy. It is unordinary to have such a reflection like this. A lot of my friends sometimes tell me that I am out of my mind or I should perhaps send out an application of letting the school hiring me as a full-time photographer. However, I have always wanted to use this kind of opportunity to perform my talents to the world. For you who are reading my reflection of how I have grown throughout these two years might think that I am mainly focusing on how I engaged the community with my talents of photography. However, I would say it is because of my knowledge and talent in photography that completely changed my shy personality when I am in a new environment. Due to my talent, has helped me to step out of my comfort zone to enjoy life more than most people do. And I am satisfied to share my talent with the world. 
Overall, when it comes to a new environment, different people with different personalities would always develop their own way of survival. The United World College experience is not only about how good you can achieve in academics but the essential understanding of how to survive when we enter a completely different environment. Studying abroad has always been one of my biggest dreams. Now, I have conquered my fear and built up my confidence, and have a totally different perspective of viewing the world. Being able to live in such a community that is built up by groups and groups of the young generation is a fortune that could ever happen in my life. And finally, I have made my way through graduation. I have to admit that the two years have been tough and time-consuming; however, I have achieved my goal by introducing myself through photography to the world and creating a peacefulness and beautiful memory with my fellow co-years from all over the world. At last, I want to give gratitude to my national committee — Mrs. Ashlee for giving me such amazing memory and the opportunity to become a part of the United World College community. I would not have such achievement if it was not because of you. Also, I want to shout out to all 2021 graduates from the United World College community that we have made it during the pandemic period!


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